VTT MIKES NTP time-service monitoring

List of VTT MIKES Stratum-1 NTP servers

Access to these servers requires a paid subscription. For details contact: time "at" vtt.fi
ntp1.mikes.fi (
ntp2.mikes.fi (
ntp3.mikes.fi (
ntp4.mikes.fi (
ntp1.mikes.funet.fi (
ntp2.mikes.funet.fi (
ntp3.mikes.funet.fi (
ntp4.mikes.funet.fi (
ntp5.mikes.funet.fi ( # Kajaani

List of VTT MIKES Stratum-2 NTP servers

Access is free
time.mikes.fi ( ntpd 4.2.8p10
time1.mikes.fi ( chrony version 3.5
time2.mikes.fi ( ntpd 4.2.8p12
( chrony version 3.5 # Experimental server in testing phase
time3.mikes.fi ( ntpd 4.2.8p10 # Kajaani

NTP user statistics, 90 days

Number of daily unique IPv4 addresses using our public Stratum-2 NTP servers

NTP-Pool monitoring


Pool beta server

NTP monitoring from monitor.mikes.fi

Time-offset between monitor.mikes.fi and various NTP-servers
Servers 1 day 7 days 31 days 365 days
VTT MIKES Stratum-1 servers
VTT MIKES Stratum-2 servers
Some international NTP servers


Servers 1 day 7 days 31 days 365 days
VTT MIKES Stratum-1 servers

VTT MIKES Stratum-2 servers

Data for individual servers

Server 1 Day 7 Days 31 Days 365 Days
ntp1.mikes.fi delay
ntp2.mikes.fi delay
ntp3.mikes.fi delay
ntp4.mikes.fi delay
ptp1.mikes.fi delay
ntp5.mikes.funet.fi delay delay


These graphs shows the output of "ntpq" run on VTT MIKES server monitor.mikes.fi

Server 1 Day 7 Days 31 Days 100 Days
Public stratum-2 server: time.mikes.fi
Public stratum-2 server: time1.mikes.fi
Public stratum-2 server: time2.mikes.fi
Public stratum-2 server: time3.mikes.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp1.mikes.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp2.mikes.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp3.mikes.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp4.mikes.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp1.mikes.funet.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp2.mikes.funet.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp3.mikes.funet.fi
stratum-1 server: ntp4.mikes.funet.fi
SWE: ntp1.sptime.se
SWE: ntp2.sptime.se
GER: ptbtime1.ptb.de
GER: ptbtime2.ptb.de
TAI (shows number of leap-seconds!)