VTT MIKES Metrology Time & Frequency laboratory live graphs

UTC and UTCr

UTC-UTC(MIKE) and UTCr-UTC(MIKE) as disseminated by the BIPM.
200 Days 400 Days 800 Days 1200 Days 1600 Days

Time laboratory measurements

Q-data is environmental and clock-phase data collected at 10 minute intervals.




ClockData representing clock phase UTC(MIKE)-CLK at UTC 00:00, submitted daily and monthly to the BIPM.
CS1 (BIPM 1360986) PHM (BIPM 1404113) AHM1 (BIPM 1404180) AHM2 (BIPM 1404108) AHM3 (BIPM 1404189)
30 days
100 days
200 days
300 days
400 days
500 days
600 days
800 days


We operate three dual-frequency GNSS receivers for time-transfer:
MI04 Satellites
Time Difference

NTP Statistics

Number of unique IPv4 addresses, per day, using our public Stratum-2 NTP service.